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   !  This year's group is already running and is closed!

    You can register for the annual group 2022 by email

        Registration and information by email:


Year group "Here in me"

In this group with singing, movement, meditation and the exploration of the quality of inner silence, all my years of experience from the seminars flow together. The valuable songs, but also elements from my "Life from the Power of Silence" seminars will provide a framework to come together on a weekend 4 times a year. Regular refueling is possible there, - a deeper exchange about the fundamental topics of our life with one another, as well as valuable support for our own life in this protected framework ... that is my concern for this new group.

The annual group takes place in
  "Gustav Stresemann Institute" seminar house

in Medingen near Bad Bevensen (south of Hamburg).
The group size is limited to a maximum of 20 participants.
Accommodation is in double rooms and single rooms (single room surcharge) in the guest house.
If you are interested, please register early!


Experience reports from participants in the annual groups

"On the way to my new phase of life (retirement) I gave myself the annual group" Here in me ".

And I am so very happy about it, because I cannot think of a more loving, more sensitive and also happy company.

The impulses from Joachim G., which should always be understood as an invitation, gave me a lot of strength and courage

and will continue to accompany me on the journey to myself, for which I really have time now. " 
Ulrike H., therapist

"The annual group weekends mean a lot to me, because here I find an oasis of space and time for myself: In silence and meditation, exchanging ideas on spiritual topics and especially in contemplative tones and in free singing, dancing and laughing with all the other like-minded people Women and men: all this being is wonderfully embedded in the wonderfully inviting seminar house

with delicious food, a beautiful atmosphere and a rustic, fine design of the house and garden - it is a wonderful place to relax! In his sensitive presence, Joachim perceives each individual in his / her inner process and accompanies everyone

in calm and quiet mindfulness and delicacy. " 
Jane Lochmann

"The close-knit get-together of the annual group goes far beyond the four weekends in Leestahl and accompanies me throughout the year. It seems to me to be a very human form of sharing. Carried by mindfulness, spaces open up for silence and sharing, for depth and joy. Everyone is there with their being. This original encounter with people is

Seeing and letting one another be and being touched by what is in the sacred space between people. "
Anke Brehl, Lueneburg

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