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-  Contact with the body, soul and spirit in deep relaxation
  Contact to inner guidance and silence
  Clarification of the life situation
  Self-Exploration & Spiritual Enneagram

  Accompaniment  is on the one hand that I empty myself, that I am curious and open, free of ideas and knowledge. 
After an introductory conversation, I accompany a deep relaxation on a clear basis of trust,

which makes it possible to fall into the depths of one's own being.

Here one can encounter experiences of body, soul and spirit through the integrating power of the stillness of the heart. 
With respect for one's own integrity and wisdom, only the topics come to the surface of consciousness,

which can be resolved and healed in accordance with this guidance. 
  gift  this work is concrete  own  Experience - that  own experience of the inner relationships.

Fundamental life issues can be understood and resolved more deeply. The solutions can be anchored at all levels and lead into new spaces of self-responsibility and self-love. 
So these inner experiences offer a valuable basis for the further path of life.

In addition to my work as a pianist and singer in concerts and seminars, my own self-exploration

and develop this spiritual counseling offer through many inner and outer gifts. 
Decades of chronic ailment laid the groundwork for me for an intensive search for the meaning of life

and the deeper foundations of your own life. This research led me to Filipino Spirit Healers

to India to Sai Baba, to Mother Meera and to a releasing training at Markus Langholf's Skanda Institute

as well as to his teachers Isaac and Yolanda Lindwall.

After a few years without a teacher, five years ago I found the awakened teacher Eli Jaxon Bear (USA),

the one with its transmission of silence and the teaching of the basics of the Spiritual Enneagram

allowed a deeper stop. For three years I was part of his European three-year group

and took part in a training program at the Leela Therapy School.

Then I met Eckart Tolle almost two years ago. His mediation of the various gateways to reality and his quality of silence reached me deeply.

The sessions last between 1 and 2 hours and cost 80.00 euros including VAT (half of that for young people up to 18 years of age)

This offer is not a substitute for psychotherapeutic or medical treatment.

Use is voluntary. 
Everyone is fully responsible within and outside of the consultation

and releases Joachim Goerke from any liability !!


What if we are not just that body? 
Our body will perish! 
What if we are not just who we have become?  
That person will perish! 
What if we're not just our thoughts? Thoughts come and go! 
What if we aren't just these feelings? Feelings come and go. 
The question then is what remains?
Who is THAT that can perceive all of this? 
It is good to have this body.
It is a sacred temple borrowed from nature.
There is nothing really wrong with this person who we are. It is an important tool for dealing with the world of appearances. In the best case, the person is suitable and mature to finally and finally reflect on himself, ready for unconditional self-exploration:
Who am I?
What if what all the awakened masters of this planet reported and still do today is true: that at the very bottom of our being we are pure, unconditional love. 
What if our heart speaks in silence and the point is to turn our backs on all appearances in order to allow us to fall into the original ground of our being in silence and immobility. . .. into the unknown, into the fire of love, into a natural force that is the pure intelligence of our own heart. 
That is the call that we can answer at some point!

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