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"Singing is the real mother tongue of all people" (Lord Yehudi Menuhin). Singing does not require any special talent, not even knowledge of music or choir experience. What really counts is the joy, the pleasure

and an inner willingness to sing. Everyone is welcome here! 
Each and every one of us communicates in the voice. What we are in body, soul and spirit, what has become of us comes to the fore

and where we are right now. Singing can at the same time as one's own sound creation from the inner space of silence, of self-reflection

and one's own musical experience.

The seminars are about carefully opening the body's own resonance spaces, which are made to vibrate and expand. This leads to the expansion of the so-called overtone spectrum

your own voice. 
These singing seminars with Joachim Goerke have been held at GSI for many years. Through external and internal experiences and the changes associated with them

the aspect of silence and the awareness of inner touches through the  Singing and the silence  equally placed more and more in the foreground. So is next to singing "songs of the heart" and work

With the free vocal improvisation, the silence and the turning towards the inside get space. in the  Singing and the silence we will be able to experience ourselves and others more directly. 

Seminars take place at the GSI in Medingen (on Easter and New Year's Eve:
  registration under )  as well as through private organizers and intermediaries. 

Additionally takes place annually  a seminar in summer in Lüneburg.


To the seminar: "So sing my soul, sing!"  in Lüneburg in June 2020 there is a flyer that I can send by email or post!

Please send an email to me:

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