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Born on May 25, 1957 in Frankfurt am Main and grew up in Hofheim / Taunus, my path after high school, medical studies and dropping out in the country led me to Lüneburg, where I have been working as a singer, pianist and vocal teacher since 1999. 
I teach, lead a large choir and give concerts.

In addition, I have set up my own publishing house for the distribution of my CDs under the label "Sajema Music".
A deeply anchored musicality enabled this path to develop into a freelance musician.

In addition, the question of one's own deeper context of life was the motor for a spiritual path of self-exploration.

On the one hand, this has influenced the music and the type of mediation,

but also contributed to the development of a spiritual counseling work (body soul spirit). 
As a concert pianist and singer I give solo concerts,

I'm on the road with a band and give concerts with Matthias Strauch

in a song program as an accompanying pianist.
I have been leading a large independent choir in Lüneburg for almost 19 years now

and give numerous seminars under the title »Listening Singing & Silence«. 
As a spiritual advisor, I offer the "body soul spirit" seminars.
The meetings take place in the house of the church, An den Reeperbahnen 1, 21335 Lüneburg.
I feel at home in all of these very broad areas of work

for the service of life.

I got to know the living, loving silence as origin and source. It communicates through my being and my work.

Carried by a deep trust in myself and life, my own gratitude for a precious life is expressed.

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