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Joachim Goerke is active in the following projects


In the "Piano Songs for Silence" and the improvisations developed by the Lüneburg pianist and singer Joachim Goerke, the exploration of silence lives and vibrates. Superficially in contradiction to music - as a sound that breaks the silence -

his concerts point to the deep quality of silence in music.

Again and again he pauses in the lecture to hear how the flow of sound can develop further to finally end in silence.

In addition to pieces on his most successful CD "Danke Thanks -

Piano Songs for Silence Vol II "are released, you can also hear vocal improvisations and new piano songs, which he publishes on his CD" Pure Joy - pure joy "and on the solo CD" The lonesome old tree ", which was newly released in May 2016 became.

Concerts with Joachim Goerke are an invitation, music and silence

to listen equally. The music touches and leads the listener inward.
You can also find out more on
  the new website ,

which emphasizes the pianist and singer Joachim Goerke.

Erlebnis Konzert in München 3.März 2024 17-19 Uhr

Mohr-Villa Freimann, München

Link zu Konzertveranstalter und Booking:


Joachim Goerke  and  Matthias Clasen  have known each other for many years. They have been playing together again for a year, including in the new band. 
The two also give concerts as a duo, which offer a wide and lively range of their own music, from "calm and meditative" to "lively and groovy". Most of the pieces are by Joachim Goerke, some also by Matthias Clasen. In all compositions there is plenty of room for improvisation, for instantaneousness.
The two musicians ensnare each other with melodies and ideas ... an intense, joyful experience for every concert-goer.
The long-standing collaboration between the Hamburg saxophonist Matthias Clasen and the Lüneburg pianist and singer Joachim Goerke has found a new form of concert here.
  with  Joachim Goerke on the piano  and  Matthias Clasen with saxophone & flute.
As a duo, the two create a fine musical space in which the melodies and musical ideas interweave and play around. The compositions of Joachim Goerke (Piano Songs for Silence & Hymns) experience a new emphasis, a completely different emphasis and a new character through playing the saxophone and sometimes through the flute!
The music is touching, creates inner images and takes the listener with it - sometimes softly and quietly, then again full of groove and inner strength! There is always room for improvisation and a free flow of ideas.
Joachim Goerke is a well-known pianist and singing teacher in Lüneburg. Many people across Germany enjoy his wonderful piano CDs. His very own style on the piano has become a pleasure for piano fans!
Matthias Clasen plays with the great Hamburg artists (Jan Delay, James Last, Reggy Clasen) and is a frequently booked studio musician. He and Joachim Goerke have a lifelong friendship and the opportunity to express their own spaces in music. The two musicians understand each other "blindly", so to speak, and create a fascinating harmony!

Konzert "Rivers of Gold" Samstag 17.2.2024  19.30 Uhr in der Pianokirche Lüneburg


Joachim Goerke  & Daniela Sauter de Beltré 

Daniela Sauter de Beltré  and  Joachim Goerke  create spaces of peace, warmth, liveliness and joy in their concerts. The concert-goers can settle in, relax and gain strength and energy. The two excellent musicians invite you to sing along as well as to listen. The concert program includes wonderful compositions by both musicians as well as songs from the international repertoire of mantric music.

Both musicians are involved throughout Germany in the creation of the "Nights of Spiritual Songs" (Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart etc.). Her songs have been published in numerous song books and are sung in many groups in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, which are about singing together, inner peace and healing.

More information on the project's website:


This extraordinary concert project by pianist and singer Joachim Goerke had its premiere on November 19th. 2011 at a sold out concert in the Lüneburg Kreuzkirche.
On a grand piano made by the Grotrian Steinweg company from Braunschweig, Joachim Goerke played his touching and fine “Piano Songs for Silence” and “Hymns to Silence”, compositions and improvisations that point to the precious quality of lively silence. Four-part a cappella songs were woven into it and performed by the vocal ensemble “Circle of Songs”, which was initiated especially for the concert.
Four male voices (Ocke Carstens, Stefan Tretow, Frank Offenmüller, Joachim Goerke) interpreted finely tuned and homogeneous sound spectrum choral compositions with spiritual texts in mostly English. In the run-up to the concert, high-quality recordings were made on site through the collaboration with Friedrich Thein from Bremen (
The CD "Peaceful Flow" has been in stores throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria since December 2011.

Concerts are now being planned and the ensemble can be booked for performances at suitable concert venues such as churches, concert churches, monasteries, conferences and congresses.


Joachim Goerke with his jazz trio
The world premiere took place this year in January in the Lüneburg piano church. A wonderful, vibrantly creative and touching concert in front of 120 concert-goers.
  new band project  is based on the classic jazz trio with grand piano, bass and percussion. Has been invited to projects for many years.
On the bass
  Sebastian Brand  from Lüneburg, - sensitive, and with strong soloistic accents. On the drums and with percussion the drummer from Bad Belzig  Ludger Rother, who with virtuosity on a special set and with Udu and Konga provides an unbelievable variety in rhythm and tonality. Jazz at its finest, melodious, enhanced by the singing of  Joachim Goerke  in songs (Throw it away / Springburning / Rumi Song "What about my eyes") but also in free tonal improvisations.
A great listening pleasure - the audience was thrilled!

The trio is open to further performances and concerts!


Concert project "Der SonnenTanzWeg" 
Concert and reading with
  Joachim Goerke Piano Solo & Vocal
  Rolf Lampe as speaker

This extraordinary story of the mouse that hears the rustle of life and sets off to explore the world comes from the cult book of the 80s "Seven Arrows" by the American Heymeyosths Storm. It is the pictorial description
of the spiritual path from the perspective of the Cheyenne Indians. They call this path of self-exploration and the discovery of the true nature of man the "Sun Dance Path".
Joachim Goerke as pianist and singer, composer and arranger has taken up this story and refined it into a new jewel in collaboration with Rolf Lampe as speaker.
The story is first introduced with a musical overture. The different sections of the journey of the mouse that then follow, later called the "jumping mouse", are structured by musical insertions in which the images of the story can echo and reinforce each other. These slots are mostly arranged for piano solo, only in
In a few moments the vocal element can be heard. At the end the song "A long run" is heard, which Joachim Goerke composed many years ago and which has taken a completely new place here. The transformation is complete, with the song the eagle can be felt and seen in the sky.
The music of Joachim Goerke is not traditionally oriented towards Indian, but lives from its own depth and intensity, the emotional empathy as an experienced musician and spiritual researcher. In his professional style of linguistic presentation, Rolf Lampe is a rousing speaker who brings together all the images of history and the inner dimension
the story can convey strongly.
The concert / reading evening by the two artists is a strong performance and can be booked through Sajema Music Lüneburg.


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