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The being that I am (2011)


Be at peace with what makes me inside

Who is looking
Who is listening
Who tastes
Who feels with the hand that belongs to me?
Who can feel my feet touching the ground?
Who writes?
Who thinks the next thought?
Who remembers?
Who is planning?
Who feels

I feel myself, my body that is alive.

In it shimmers faintly,
- flows gently
the deep, silent eternity
That I am.


(August 2011)

                                      What I want to share with you ...... (2008)


I want to share with you that this is not my first time as a person

I'm here on this planet.
Several times I got concrete pictures and impressions

given from other lives as inner experiences. I am very grateful for that!

I want to share with you that I found out that the

who had experienced that, felt very much the same as the one

what now looks out of these living eyes into the world.
From this I was able to find a deep and understanding basic feeling for my current path in life, which I would like to share with you.
I was able to pour healing into much of it.
At this point we would like to thank all the precious companions who always appeared at the right moment! What a grace ......

I want to share with you that I fell in love with the silence.
At some point I followed the question of how I can finally find peace through this noise of my own thoughts without having to physically die for it.
I want to share with you the moments of the experiences of bliss - moments without a single thought.

I would like to share with you how I found it in a letter from Mozart that he too could make friends with death and the finiteness of his own existence in this life.

I would like to share with you that death has nothing terrible for me either.

I want to share with you that I was able to make peace with my own biography, with all the injuries, impossibilities, aberrations, misdeeds.

I want to share with you that I can thank you unconditionally for everything.

I can bless all of this and I will do it again and again.

I would like to share with you that I have made contact with the “Inner Child”. At some point I was allowed to begin to approach my own body and make peace with it.
I would like to share with you that I am now working with this highly intelligent, loving being - can coordinate many, many things with him.

I want to share with you that I have stopped identifying with myself, my job, relationships, belongings and possessions. At least I manage to do it better and better and it is also my great longing!

I want to share with you that I am in love, compassion and respect for myself, my own profession, relationships and possessions without being attached to them, holding onto them or overestimating them.

I want to share with you how happy I often feel - for no reason - just like that!

I would like to share with you my deep longing to serve - my longing to put my own life entirely at the service of creation in order to do the best for the benefit of all living beings.

I would like to share with you how touched I am by this wonderful power and the integrity of my own heart, which in and under all the madness of the now mind-oriented person does its job so well.

I want to share with you that I am open and willing to face the trials, pains and resistances that keep cropping up along the way.

I would like to share with you that I have discovered the great ..... "AND" ..... for myself, ... this "AND", which connects everything and gives all polarities a great breadth and openness.

I would like to share all of this with you, if you like ... from person to person! If not ... it doesn't matter ... what do I know ... it was just a kind of longing!

If so, then we have plenty to talk heart to heart about. Chataukwa ... Pallavers we called that as Indians .... So let's light a pipe together .... and meet openly and genuinely!

May peace and love be among all beings! Om Shanti shanti shanti .... How Meta Quassin! This is my deepest heartfelt desire that I want to share with you! !

Joachim Goerke in March 2008

            Silence is (2008)



                 Silence is here
                                in particular 
                                here now.... 

                 Is silence 

                 There is always living silence 
                                in particular

                                in me

                 The silence speaks

                                to me
                                in particular 
                                here now.....

                                I hear
                                i started listening
                                with all your senses

Something in me ....... (2007)

Something in me  does not sleep when i sleep.
Something in me  seems to sleep when i'm awake.
Something in me  is always there!

- Pure awareness, "I am", awake, alive and still.
I can't see it and yet it's there.
I can't hear it and yet it's there.
It was there in what I call the past. 
It will be in what I call the future. 
It is, is there, now, here.
- Pure awareness, "I am", awake, alive and still. 
I can't name it.
I may not be able to describe it. 
But I know it's there. 
Following the question of who it is who sees, hears, smells, perceives ...... 
I meet what is in me, awake, alive and quiet.

Something in me  does not sleep when i sleep. 
Something in me  Seems to sleep when I'm awake Something inside of me  is always there!

Joachim Goerke in May 2007

Prayer (2002-2006)

I thank that I am.
I thank that I am allowed to be
in this my body
At this place,
in these times,
in this life of mine
to find out all that I wanted to know
- to realize who I really am.

For everything, I thank you from the bottom of my heart
and ask for blessings, protection and guidance
for my being
for my way
for my soul
and for all those with whom I am connected in heart.

May we be able to open up
for the unconditional love that we are.
May this love lead us through all the shadows
that we created on our way.
May healing happen!
May we be able to open up again and again
for the protection and guidance of the spiritual world.

May all beings in all worlds be happy!


(2002 - 2006)

I am (2004-2006)

I am! 
I am in my body.
I am not my body.
"I am"
  resides in this body.
It is good, beautiful, to be meaningful in the body;
- a holy temple - borrowed from nature.
Gratitude !!!
My body enables
  "I am"  To gain experience. 
My body is beautiful or not, sick and healthy,
have become a new one and have grown into this present world,
full of patterns and habits, instincts, desires, feelings,
Matter that passes away, rots.
"I am"
  was before the body and will be when my body dies.
"I am"
  is space and timeless. 

I think!
My head thinks - my thoughts live in my head
"I am"
  is not my thoughts.
It is good, beautiful, meaningful that I can think.
My head enables me to process experiences and to cope with the world.
My thoughts are good or bad, whatever
new and educated into this present world,
full of patterns and habits, traces of thought and beliefs,
Thoughts that pass
"I am"
  was before thoughts and will be when "thinking" stops, 
"I am"
  is space and timeless.

I am a personality.
My person is a big one
more or less confusing puzzle of many parts and effects.
My personality uses my body, my thoughts, it uses feelings, impressions.
She just takes it all!
"I am"
  is not my personality.
My personality is good or not exactly edifying, however, has been rebuilt and educated into this present world, full of patterns and habits, beliefs, abilities ..... Personality disappears when my body dies.
"I am"
  was before personality and will be when "person" ends. 
"I am"
  is space and timeless.
We lose ourselves in the body, in the thoughts
in personality.
Why not turn to what is inside of us
  "I am",
that is spaceless and timeless, eternal and still?
"I am"
  waits in the depths of our being
in the absolute present
now and here.

Whoever feels the call of silence within,
begins, begins to walk or simply stops, remains motionless, no longer believes to be "thinking", "person" or "body".
There where it all ends, waits
  "I am". 
Whoever arrives there will find out »new things«!

The readiness seems necessary to face all that divides us.
In unconditional immobility there can be fear, anger, or deep despair
Freezes and all ties and identifications with the world of appearances
burn in the fire of love.
Everything must be given to the fire.
The indescribable waits in each of us
what all great teachers and sages have always pointed out and still do today:
in the inner silence: peace, love, and bliss spaceless, timeless, eternal,
pure natural being
"I am"

Dedicated with deep gratitude to my wonderful teachers and helpers
With deep gratitude to my own heart

Joachim Goerke 2002 / January 2004 / May 2006

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