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Deep Inside

More Music for Relaxation and Meditation 

The album “Deep Inside” is the continuation of Joachim Goerke's CD “Inside” and at the same time its counterpart. It also offers top-class meditation music by the master of silent sounds - compositions that create a quiet, delicate background for relaxation, immersion, therapy and healing! Quiet sounds and melodies of the grand piano (grand piano) communicate with the vibrating sounds of the tambura, with monochord, singing bowls and gong and lead the listener further into the depths of himself - an area of real silence in which the noise of everyday life and the constant chatter of the Inner dialogue falls silent and experiences of complete relaxation, of being carried and of eternal, unconditional love give way.

Deep Inside - More Music for Relaxation and Meditation

  • Music for the background of therapy, massage, yoga, treatments and instructions

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