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Songs ..... just for you

Joachim Goerke Solo | Piano & Vocal
Featuring Matthias Clasen on saxophone

This CD was made next to the new recordings with the band in November 2007, so to speak. Has another studio day  Joachim Goerke  recorded some of his favorite songs on the Blüthner grand piano. 
The recordings, in which Joachim Goerke accompanies himself on the piano as a singer, are of excellent quality and profound honesty. The simple beauty of the lyrics and the music immediately captivates the listener. In four of the twelve tracks there are wonderful saxophone solos by  Matthias Clasen  listen. 
Between the songs, Joachim Goerke also plays two of his "Piano Songs for Silence" piano solo.

Songs ..... just for you (Featuring Matthias Clasen on Saxophon)

  • wonderful song CD with English songs.

    The tracks: 1. Beloved Friends of the universe  2. Cause there's only love  3. The world is as one  4. Imagine (John Lennon)  5. Hmyn to a true friend  6. Both sides now (Joni Mitchell)  7. A long run  8. The voice of god  9. Song of man  10. The wave and the sea  11. Hymn to silence

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