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Piano Songs for Silence Vol. II

From the pianist's point of view, this is his masterpiece - in his own words: "... an expression of my gratitude to the world and to my listeners for the path I was allowed to walk".
12 calm piano pieces, recorded on a specially lent Steinway grand piano.
In addition to the title track “Thank you”, you can hear some new “Lieder der Stille for piano solo”, but also pieces from earlier publications in a new version. 
Published in September 2006.

Thank you Thanks - Piano Songs for Silence Vol. II

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  • A silent piano CD. The tracks: 1. Thank you, Thanks   2. Again I could open my heart- I thank you   3. Dear inner child   4th  A long run  5. Ma I'm comimg 6. Prayer prayer  7. Song of man  8. The silence of your heart I.  9. The silence of your heart  10. Sacred Space  11. Song to my heart  12.Thank you Thanks (Reprise)

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