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The wave and the sea

Joachim Goerke & Band

This new CD presents wonderful compositions that are unique in their sublime quality - a delightful further development of the  Piano music by Joachim Goerke
The "Piano Songs for Silence" are enhanced by excellent musicians and their instruments. 
Matthias Clasen on saxophoneSebastian Brand on bass  and  Erik Wisniewski on the percussion "play around" the songs with audible joy in improvisation. In this new constellation, old material from earlier times develops into a new shine. Under the  Direction and inspiration from Friederich Thein  A touching, intense album was created in the Thein Studios.
The CD seems like a concert all by itself for the listener: fine sounds full of liveliness that take the listener with them ... and again and again you find this inner reference to the silence as that which underlies everything. Each of the musicians unfolds on their instrument, and when they play together, something develops that conveys a great bond.

The wave and the sea / Joachim Goerke & Band

SKU: 126351351935
  • Wonderful studio CD with the finest melodious jazz.

    The tracks: 1. Thank you, Thanks  2. I'm coming  3. Prayer Prayer  4. Damnoni  5.Suite: You are all / Waiting to go / And there is no time  6. West coast inspiration  7. Hymn to a true friend   8. White dove fly              9. Spring burning  10. Waves of the desert sand   11. A long run   12. The wave and the sea

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