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Songbook 'So sing my soul, sing!


All mantric songs and choral movements to replay and sing after!

30 different compositions of songs and choral movements.

Life is change // I am now going into my strength // The question sounds, what remains? // Joyful and loving // May healing happen '// I greet my "I am" // How do I know what really was ? // To be soft, tender and lively again // Nice that I sing! // Don't give up, but give yourself up // Can't I do anything // Namaste- I greet you with all my heart // Melody des Life // It is here - here in me "// Encountering myself in love // We come from the source // I open myself to the beauty of my being - The Wudner that I am // I am calm // At the bottom of the soul // I am born in the light of love // Child of God // The wings of my soul /// I live my life in growing rings // Evening song // etc

Songbook 'So sing my soul, sing!

  • This is my song-like with 30 compositions to sing along with or choir pieces. Mostly as piano notes, with chord names above.

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