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Melody of life 

This is another CD of songs to sing along to. At the end of the recordings in the Kreuzkirche Lüneburg for the CD "Peaceful Flow", I sang 4 songs with me on the beautiful, melodious Grotrian Steinweg grand piano. These recordings were released in December on the CD "Peaceful Flow". Now I have continued to work with the songs, Sebastian Brand recorded the bass in the Thein recording studio, I recorded percussion and then a small choir came there to record choral singing on top of the existing tracks. This sensitive choral singing will be the bridge to your own singing along at home, because the CD is like its predecessor "So sing my soul, sing!" designed. The songs to sing along to are complemented by some of the "Piano songs for silence" from the last CD, since the piano sound is identical and it seems valuable to me to make the CD this time with echoes of the songs.

1.Silence calls me (piano solo)
2. Melody of Life
3. Peaceful flow (piano solo)
4. Encounter myself in love
5. Floating on the sea of stillness (piano solo & Matthias Clasen saxophone)
6. It is here - here in me 
7. Prayer (Piano Solo)
8. Loka samasta - May all beings in all worlds be happy

Melody of life

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  • A CD with songs to sing along to and Piano Songs for Silence as intermingling music. The tracks: 1. Silence calls me  2. Melody of Life   3. Peaceful flow  4. To meet myself in love  5. Floating on the sea of stillness II     6. It's here - here in me   7. Prayer Prayer   8.Loka Samasta - May all beings be happy

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