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Peaceful flow 

Piano Songs for Silence & Songs of Spirit

This new CD "Peaceful Flow" is characterized by great calm. 
New "Piano Songs for Silence" and piano improvisations with vocal associations alternate with a cappella chants by the men's quartet "Circle of Songs". 
The "Songs of Spirit" are spiritual hymns that are framed by the piano solo sounds. 
The whole thing was recorded in exquisite quality by the legendary Thein recording studios (Bremen) in a Lüneburg church. As a result, natural sacred acoustics are reproduced, which practically transports the listener into the church. The wonderful sound of the grand piano is thanks to the loan from Grotrian Steinweg from Braunschweig. A touching listening pleasure!

Peaceful Flow - Piano Songs for Silence & Songs of Spirit

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  • Piano Music and Vocal-a Capella!

      The tracks: 1. Devotion  2. Hymn to silence  3. Silence calls me   4. Floating on the sea of stillness I.  5. Music as the breath of eternity  6. Peaceful flow  7. Floating on the sea of stillness II   8. Make me a channel of your peace     9. The gateway to the hall of peace  10. Prayer / Prayer  11. How can I open my own heart   12. Deep emptiness / child of God   13. Floating on the sea of stillness III  14. Little blue bird  15. Song of man  16. The silence of your heart II  17. Like the waves of the ocean

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