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Pure Joy Pure joy

Hymns and more Piano Songs for Silence

I recorded the CD in April on a wonderful Gotrian Steinweg grand piano (my favorite grand piano) in the Seraphon recording studio (Freiburg).
As sound engineer, Uli Gitschier was able to provide the legendary Neumann tube microphones from 1962. With them and also through the analogue mix, it was possible to provide the listener with great high-end quality for this CD. So the recording has become very fine, of great dynamism and brilliance.
In addition to many new "songs", which are also more powerful and "pianistic" this time, there are some piano songs in a new version and placed in this new context on this new CD!
I am very happy about this new work! So I wish all listeners to this CD a lot of joy and touch in the future.
Joachim Goerke in April 2010

Pure Joy - Hymns and more Piano Songs for Silence

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  • My second piano solo CD. The tracks: 1. Hymn to a true friend   2. The silence of your heart I   3. Hymn to pure joy  4. Little blue bird  5. Peaceful flow  6. Your sweetness   7. Hymn to the timeless power of live   8th Moonlit Night  9. The gateway to the hall of peace   10. Prayer prayer   11. Shall I..Yes!  12. The wave and the ocean 

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