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The Lonesome Old Tree  

Joachim Goerke -  Piano solo & vowel 

The latest work by the Lüneburg pianist offers fine piano sounds recorded in high-end quality, into which more and more intuitive singing associated with one's own playing is mixed. The recordings were made over a period of several months in 2015 in the Lüneburg Piano Church, which has been home to a high-quality Steinway & Sons concert grand piano since February 2015. The recordings are direct, have a live character and make the listener feel like sitting next to the piano in the church. Music that touches - meditative, but also sometimes jazzy and powerful. A listening pleasure of a special kind. One song on the album interprets a text by the famous poet Rumi - a conversation with God.

From June 2016 also as LP version in stores. 

A trailer for the current album:

The Lonesome Old Tree (Piano Solo & Vocal)

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  • 1. Grace Grace   2. Peaceful flow   3. I said: what about my eyes (Rumi Song)   4th  Moving or not moving - stillness within   5. The lonesome old tree   6. Famous blue raincoat (L.Cohen)  7. Hejo Saje   8. Hope we're gonna stay  9. Song of man  

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