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It's here - here in me

Mantric songs to the true self

The new CD offers 7 mantric songs in German - except for one that sets the words from Vietnamese Buddhism (after Thich Nath Hanh) for the qualities of the True Self to music - which can accompany and support the way inward by singing along. 

The songs on this CD are longer, so that calm and serenity is stimulated when the simple texts are repeated often. A lifelong and deepening music.

As a guest musician:
Joscha Blachnitzky (git), Sebastian Brand (bass),
Ise Köhler (Bansoori flute) and a vocal fourth

It's here - here in me (Mantric songs to the true self)

SKU: 366615376135191
  • The tracks: 1. The wonder that I am (I open myself to beauty)      2. I am calm     3. Metta, Karuna, Mudita Uphekka   4. To meet myself in love   5. We come from the source     6. God is in me - I am in God 7. It is here - here in me

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