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The wings of my soul
New mantric songs to listen to and sing along to, polyphonic compositions and 3 more "Piano songs for Silence". Elaborate and wonderful booklet. 16 tracks / 61 minutes running time

Wings of my soul

  • The tracks: 1. Namaste. I greet you with all my heart  2. Sometimes I have such a tender feeling  3. The wings of my soul   4. At the bottom of the soul   5. Meditative walking   6. Let me find the tune of my life  7. The days are not mine   8. Belle's rise   9. I flow and flow in the flow of life   10. Sana sananina   11. Feel the breath - be here   12. Heaven in you   13. Free your breath (R. Mauch)   14. I live my life in growing rings  15. Silence in the evening  16. You are blessed-a  You are a blessing (H.Burggrabe)

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