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Just a joyful walk  

Joachim Goerke & Band live in the Kreuzkirche Lueneburg, June 2014

The CD is a lively, jazzy excerpt from a moving high-class concert in the Lüneburg Pianokirche (Kreuzkirche).
The band played there last summer on the occasion of the festival week for the 50th anniversary of the Kreuzkirche Lüneburg. The well-attended concert offered a cross-section of Joachim Goerke's long-term band work (Joachim Goerke & Band live 2000 / Die Welle und das Meer 2009).
The CD concentrates largely on previously unreleased pieces such as "Kassandra", "Quintola", "Just a joyful walk" etc., but also band versions of piano solo pieces such as the "Hymn of pure joy". You can hear Matthias Clasen on saxophone and flute, Sebastian Brand on bass and the Hamburg drummer Ole Seimetz.
Joscha Blachnitzky from Lüneburg mixed the recording in a wonderfully clear and modern way. A listening pleasure at its finest for all jazz fans!

Just a joyful walk / Joachim Goerke & Band live in the Kreuzkirche Lüneburg, June

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  • Live in a quartet. The tracks: 1. Hymn to pure joy   2. Market place  3. Cassandra   4. Floating on the sea of stillness  5. Quintolla  6.Shall I - yes  7. Just a joyful walk   8. Hmyn ti the timeless power of life     9. Ashes to ashes   10. Drifting pedals

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