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Do you see the star  

Daniela Sauter de Beltré & Joachim Goerke live

The clear voice of Daniela Sauter de Beltré, the velvety voice of Joachim Goerke, his pearly piano playing, her guitar, which merges the fine sound image into a wonderful complete work; - that can be heard on the first joint CD of the two artists. The recording of an atmospheric concert in spring 2016 invites you to let go and enjoy. Your music touches and inspires. The songs by Daniela Sauter de Beltré and the songs by Joachim Goerke are partly full of energy and rousing, partly fine and quiet to immerse yourself deeply in the soul of the sound. In addition there are the two well-known songs "In the light of love" and "There is so much magnificence", which the two present in a completely new way. Music that gets under your skin, to listen to and sing along to.

Do you see the star / Daniela Sauter de Beltré & Joachim Goerke live

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  • Wonderful live recording.

    The tracks: 1. Let the sun shine in your heart   2. In the light of love  3. Feel the light in yourself   4. Life in me   5. At the bottom of the soul  6. It is here - here in me  7. Life is so colorful, life is so beautiful  8. I spread my wings  9. There is so much magnificence   10. I open myself to the beauty of my being   11. Encounter myself in love   12. Do you see the star

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